Sunday, August 8, 2010

something is broken

About a year ago, I listened to an author lecture about writing. She referred to poetry as "distilled writing." I like that description. Over the past weeks and months many ideas have wandered through my mind. Most of them center around spirituality, destiny, the questions of life. I think often of writing of these, but it seems the writing would go on forever. We find ourselves at a time in history when our spiritual journeys are driving us into isolation rather than bringing us together. I greatly desire an end to this. I have attempted to distill some of the thoughts that have been on my heart.

something is broken
it hurts
how can it be fixed?

"take something for the pain"

but i want to know what's causing it

"won't you just take something - you'll feel better"

what good is feeling better if something is still broken!?

"why do you have to cause problems"
"don't be so dramatic"
"here, take something for the pain"

no! we must find the cause
a lot of people are hurting - not just me
i am not alone in my pain
even those who take something find only moments of respite
why not find a cure?

"your head is in the clouds - you can't change anything"

i have met a doctor

"don't bring him into this"
"it isn't true - he isn't real"
"he is the problem - he can't help"
"it is true - come to the clinic - you'll feel better"

i've been to the clinics, many of them, he isn't there
but i believe what is broken can be fixed
what is broken is the bond between us
for it to be fixed, we must go to him together
the journey may be long and painful
but won't it be worth it?

"just take something for the pain"


  1. I always did think if anyone would ever find an answer to these things, it would be you. :)

  2. I once said, (at a poetry reading, naturally) that if there was a golden road to peace, it would be the poets that would find it. I still believe it...but I'm still lookin' are they.