Sunday, March 15, 2009

another beginning.....

in the fall of 1994 i took a short night class that taught us about the internet. after completing the class we we're given a username and password that allowed us to log onto the school's VAX computer system from our home computer and thus have access to the internet. at that time there were no pictures. it was essentially just message boards and connections to libraries. this was by no means my first interaction with computers as i received my first computer, a Commodore VIC 20, in 1982. one would think that with the background i've had with the electronic age that i would be more suited to the world of blogging and message boards and social networking. but rather it has been very difficult for me over the years to maintain a constant relationship with these electronic entities. i attempted for a while to maintain some semblance of a blog at livejournal and myspace, but both of those faded much like an unwatered houseplant. so here i begin again. perhaps this time will be different. i can only hope that it will. there is within me at this time perhaps a greater urgency than i have felt in the past. i hope this will become one of many venues of conversation about topics that i believe so greatly need to be discussed.

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